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Important: Due to EU & UK Payments regulatory requirements, an additional security verification via Digital Signatures is required for certain API calls that are made by EU/UK sellers. Please refer to Digital Signatures for APIs to learn more on the impacted APIs and the process to create signature to be included in the HTTP payload.

The table below lists the API capabilities that are deprecated and scheduled for decommission.

API Method(s)/Field(s) Deprecation Date Decommission Date Notes
Trading API




The GetOrderTransactions call will be decommissioned on January 31, 2024. No further updates are planned for this API during the deprecation period. Developers have the option of migrating to the GetOrders call in the Trading API, or the getOrders method of the Fulfillment API. Please note that the Fulfillment API only returns paid orders, so if your use case calls for retrieving both paid and unpaid orders, we recommend migrating to the GetOrders call in the Trading API.

Trading API

Store.SubscriptionLevel field returned in the GetStore call.



This field is deprecated and will stop being returned beginning on March 31, 2023. The getSubscription method of the Account API can be used to retrieve information on a seller's eBay store subscription.

Marketing API



The fundingModels array of the createReportTask method will stop supporting multiple values. During the deprecation period, a warning response header will be returned. After decommission date arrives, using multiple values in fundingModels array will be a blocking error.

Transaction reports will stop supporting the following metric keys: impressions, clicks, ctr, avg_cost_per_sale, pl_transactions, cpc_impressions, cpc_clicks, cpc_ctr, cpc_conversion_rate, cpc_return_on_ad_spend, cpc_avg_cost_per_sale, cpc_transactions, cpc_ad_fees_listingsite_currency, cpc_ad_fees_payout_currency, cost_per_click. During the deprecation period, a warning response header will be returned specifically calling out these deprecated metrics.

Trading API




GetApiAccessRules is deprecated and is scheduled for decommission on March 10, 2023. Starting on August 22, 2022, this call will only return the ApplicationAggregate container, and no usage data on specific Trading calls. Going forward, we recommend that you make plans to migrate to the Developer Analytics API, an API that retrieves all usage data on all RESTful APIs and the Trading API.

Business Policies Management API All 2021/03/23 TBD The Business Policies Management API is deprecated and is scheduled for decommission in 2022. We recommend that you migrate to the fulfillment_policy, payment_policy, and return_policy resources of the Account API to set up and manage all of your fulfillment, payment, and return business policies.
Finding API findCompletedItems 2020/10/15 TBD The findCompletedItems call is deprecated as of October 15, 2020, and access is restricted. 

An alternative to the findCompletedItems call is the Marketplace Insights API, but please note that this API is restricted and requires eBay Business approval for access. Please contact the Developer Technical Support team if you are interested in getting access to the Marketplace Insights API.