taxonomy APIv1_beta.2.0

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Use the Taxonomy API to discover the most appropriate eBay categories under which sellers can offer inventory items for sale, and the most likely categories under which buyers can browse or search for items to purchase. In addition, the Taxonomy API provides information about the required and recommended category aspects to include in listings.


Method NameHTTP MethodPathSummarySamples
Retrieve the default category tree reference for a specific eBay marketplace.View getDefaultCategoryTreeId - /get_default_category_tree_id
Retrieve the complete category tree corresponding to a specified category tree ID.View getCategoryTree - /category_tree/{category_tree_id}
Retrieve all nodes of the category tree hierarchy (the subtree) below a specified category in a specified category tree.View getCategorySubtree - /category_tree/{category_tree_id}/get_category_subtree
Return an array of suggested categories that eBay has determined correspond to keywords that describe an item.View getCategorySuggestions - /category_tree/{category_tree_id}/get_category_suggestions
Retrieve an array of aspects that are appropriate for describing items in a specified category.View getItemAspectsForCategory - /category_tree/{category_tree_id}/get_item_aspects_for_category