When calling GeteBayDetails to retrieve the valid shipping services for an eBay marketplace the response payload includes a ShippingServiceDetails.ValidForSellingFlow flag for each service returned. The value of each of these flags identifies which services remain active — and may therefore be offered as a shipping option for buyers — and which services have been deprecated, thus making them unavailable to buyers.

In the event that a a deprecated shipping service has been selected, the system's response depends on whether the API version of the Sell/Revise/Relist Your Item flows is being used or if the eBay marketplace itself is being used.

  • API-based listings:

    • A new listing offering a to-be-deprecated shipping service will not be blocked. However, a warning is returned indicating that the specified shipping service is to be deprecated.
    • A new listing offering an already-deprecated shipping service will not be blocked. However, the deprecated service is automatically mapped by eBay to the service identified in ShippingServiceDetails.MappedToShippingServiceID and a warning is returned with information about this action.

    Refer to API Details for additional information.

  • eBay marketplace-based listings

    The buyer or seller is informed that the selected shipping service is either:

    • Scheduled to be deprecated

      The user then has the option to keep the selected service or choose a different service.

    • Has already been deprecated

      The user then has the option to either accept the mapped service (which is automatically done by eBay) or select another service.