Shipping services returned by GeteBayDetails that either will be — or already have been — deprecated include the following in their associated ShippingServiceDetails containers:


For example, GeteBayDetails is called and the following information is returned within the ShippingServiceDetails container for a shipping service:

Since the value returned for ShippingServiceDetails.DeprecationDetails.MessageType is DeprecationAndMapping, messages are to be issued during both the deprecation and mapping periods. Therefore:

  • If it is before June 1, no warning is issued because the announcement period for the upcoming service deprecation has not started.
  • Between June 1 and July 1, a warning is issued to sellers who create new listings via the API that include the soon-to-be-deprecated shipping service.
  • After July 1, if a seller creates a new listing via the API that offers the now-deprecated shipping service, eBay automatically maps it to service 123456 and issues a warning that the mapping has occurred.