Shipping costs might include any or none of the following:

A key factor in determining applicable shipping costs is the shipping type.

Free shipping

Sellers can opt to offer their buyers free shipping by setting the value of Item.ShippingDetails.ShippingServiceOptions.FreeShipping to true.

Mixing shipping types

When offering multiple shipping services, sellers can mix different shipping types (e.g., Flat or Calculated) depending on the circumstances.

For most marketplaces, all domestic and international shipping services offered by the seller must be the same shipping type which is defined by Item.ShippingDetails.ShippingType.

However, for eBay US and Motors Parts and Accessories, sellers can select:

  • One shipping type for all domestic shipping services, and
  • A different shipping type for all international shipping services.

The following specific values for Item.ShippingDetails.ShippingType apply to in this situation:

  • CalculatedDomesticFlatInternational
  • FlatDomesticCalculatedInternational

For additional information, refer to:

Which input properties are required and which tags are returned in the realm of shipping depends on whether the seller selected flat rate or calculated shipping, and whether domestic or international shipping services have been offered.

Note: The international leg of an international order shipped through the Global Shipping Programme or eBay International Shipping is always considered to be a calculated shipping type, even if the seller has specified Flat or CalculatedDomesticFlatInternational in the Item.ShippingDetails.ShippingType field.

Search results and shipping costs

The pages that eBay displays upon search can include details about shipping cost.

The shipping cost text returned as a result of a search will be "Not specified" if all of the following are true: