While some countries have but one sales-tax rate across the entire country, there are a few countries that have multiple sales-tax jurisdictions. If you need to collect sales tax for countries that have multiple sales-tax jurisdictions, you can create sales-tax tables for each of the jurisdictions into which you sell.

To create a table entry containing a sales-tax rate for a particular jurisdiction:

  1. Retrieve a list of the sales-tax jurisdictions for a specific country by calling getSalesTaxJurisdictions in the Metadata API.

    From returned list, select the jurisdictions for which you need to set up tax rates.

  2. Call createOrReplaceSalesTax in the Account API to create a tax table entry for the specified jurisdiction. An example is shown in the following code snippet:

    POST https://ebay.sandbox.api.com/sell/account/v1/sales_tax/US/NY

    { "salesTaxPercentage": 4.4, "shippingAndHandlingTaxed": true }

Create a tax table for each jurisdiction in which you sell. To check that you have correctly set up your tax tables, call getSalesTaxes.