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Some countries levy one sales-tax rate across their entire country, while others, including Canada (CA) and the United States (US), have multiple sales-tax jurisdictions. To collect sales tax for countries that have multiple sales-tax jurisdictions, sales-tax tables can be configured for each of the jurisdictions into which you sell.

Sellers can easily configure rates in their sales-tax table using the Sales tax table portal on their My eBay Preferences page.

Note: Sellers must sign in to their eBay account to access their My eBay Preferences page.

Alternatively, sales-tax rates may be configured via API calls.

Note: Sales-tax tables are available only for the following marketplaces:

  • US (EBAY_US)

    eBay now calculates, collects, and remits sales tax on behalf of sellers for items shipped to customers in all 50 states and Washington, DC, so sellers can no longer specify sales-tax rates for these jurisdictions.

    However, sellers may continue to use a sales-tax table to set rates for the following US territories: American Samoa (AS), Guam (GU), Northern Mariana Islands (MP), Palau (PW), and US Virgin Islands (VI).

  • Canada (EBAY_CA)

    Sellers can use sales-tax tables to set and configure rates for any or all Canadian provinces.

For additional information, refer to Establishing sales-tax tables.

Configure sales-tax tables with the API

To create a table entry containing a sales-tax rate for a particular jurisdiction:

  1. Retrieve a list of the sales-tax jurisdictions for the US or Canada by calling getSalesTaxJurisdictions in the Metadata API.

    From the returned list, select the jurisdictions for which you need to set up tax rates.

    Note: When requesting jurisdictions for the US marketplace, salesTaxJurisdictionId values will be returned for all 50 US states and Washington, DC, even though rates cannot be set for them. The only US jurisdictions for which rates may be set are American Samoa (AS), Guam (GU), Northern Mariana Islands (MP), Palau (PW), and US Virgin Islands (VI).

  2. Call createOrReplaceSalesTax in the Account API to create a tax table entry for the specified jurisdiction. An example is shown in the following code snippet:
    	"salesTaxPercentage": 4.4,
    	"shippingAndHandlingTaxed": true

Create a tax table for each jurisdiction in which you sell. To check that you have correctly set up your tax tables, call getSalesTaxes.