feed APIv1.0.0


Use the getFile method to fetch the details of a feed file available to download, as specified by the file's file_id.

Details in the response include: the feed's file_id, the date it became available, eBay categories that support the feed, its frequency (currently only HOURLY is supported), the time span it covers, its feed type, its format (currently only TSV is available), its size in bytes, the schema under which it was pulled, and the marketplaces it applies to.


Resource URI (production)

GET https://api.ebay.com/buy/feed/v1/file/{file_id}

URI parameters

file_idstringUnique identifier of feed file. Feed file IDs can be retrieved with the getFiles method.

Occurrence: Required

HTTP request headers

All requests made to eBay REST operations require you to provide the Authorization HTTP header for authentication authorization.

X-EBAY-C-MARKETPLACE-IDstringThis is the ID of the eBay marketplace on which the feed file exists.


For a list of supported sites and other restrictions, see API Restrictions.

Occurrence: Required

OAuth scope

This request requires an access token created with the client credentials grant flow, using one or more scopes from the following list (please check your Application Keys page for a list of OAuth scopes available to your application):


See OAuth access tokens for more information.


HTTP response headers

Output container/fieldTypeDescription
accessAccessEnumIndicates whether the application is permitted to access the feed file. One of ALLOWED or RESTRICTED.

Occurrence: Always

dimensionsarray of DimensionAn array of dimensions supported by the corresponding feed file.

Currently the only dimension available is CATEGORY.

"dimensionKey": "CATEGORY",
"values": ["15032"]

Occurrence: Always

dimensions.dimensionKeyDimensionKeyEnumThe key element for a value in the dimensions array, paired with its value(s). Currently, only CATEGORY (available L1 category) is available.

Occurrence: Always

dimensions.valuesarray of stringThe dimension value(s) paired with the dimensionKey in the dimensions array. Currently, the only supported dimension is CATEGORY, so the values in this array will be L1 eBay categories.”

Occurrence: Always

feedDatestringThe date on which the feed was created.

Format: UTC format (yyyy-MM-ddThh:00:00.000Z).

Occurrence: Always

feedScopeFeedScopeEnumSpecifies the frequency with which the feed file is made available (HOURLY, DAILY, WEEKLY).

Currently only DAILY is supported.

Occurrence: Always

feedTypeIdstringUnique identifier of the feed type. Currently only CURATED_ITEM_FEED is supported.

Occurrence: Always

fileIdstringThe file's unique identifier. This fileid is used to select the feed file when using the downloadFile method.

Occurrence: Always

formatFormatEnumFormat of the returned feed file. Currently only TSV is supported.

Occurrence: Always

marketplaceIdMarketplaceIdEnumThe eBay marketplace identifier for the marketplace(s) to which the feed applies.

Example: EBAY_UK.

Occurrence: Always

schemaVersionstringVersion of the API schema under which the feed was created.

Occurrence: Always

sizeintegerSize of the feed file in bytes.

Occurrence: Always

spanTimeDurationThe time span between feed files that applies to the feed type (e.g., hourly, daily, weekly). This is returned in hours.

Possible Values: YEAR, MONTH, DAY, HOUR

Occurrence: Always

span.unitTimeDurationUnitEnumThis enumeration value indicates the time unit used for the time period.

Occurrence: Always

span.valueintegerThe number of units of time in the span.

Occurrence: Always

HTTP status codes

This call can return one of the following HTTP status codes. For an overview of the status codes, see HTTP status codes in Using eBay RESTful APIs.

400Bad Request
404Not Found
500Internal Server Error

Error codes

For more on errors, plus the codes of other common errors, see Handling errors.

13006API_FEEDAPPLICATIONThere was a problem with an eBay internal system or process. Contact eBay developer support for assistance.
13014API_FEEDREQUESTInvalid or missing header X-EBAY-C-MARKETPLACE-ID.
14004API_FEEDREQUESTThe specified file Id does not exist for marketplace specified or may have expired. Please check the maximum allowed look back for the feed type and scope.
14009API_FEEDREQUESTInsufficient permissions for the feed type for the specified marketplace. Please contact eBay Technical Support for further assistance.



New to making API calls? Please see Making a Call.

Note: Identifiers, such as order IDs or user IDs, and personal data in these samples might be anonymized or may no longer be active on eBay. If necessary, substitute current, relevant eBay data in your requests.

Sample 1: Retrieve a List of a File's Details

The getFile method returns a metadata details for a specified file.


The desired file, test_feedapi_file.gzip, is specified in the URI. The file name is obtained using the getFiles method.


The call returns details about the test_feedapi_file.gzip file. The metadata in the response indicates that the feed file is for Category 1 (‘Collectables’) on the eBay Australia marketplace for November 10, 2021.