feed APIv1.0.0

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The Feed API provides the ability to download TSV_GZIP feed files containing eBay items and an hourly snapshot file for a specific category, date, and marketplace.

In addition to the API, there is an open source Feed SDK written in Java that downloads, combines files into a single file when needed, and unzips the entire feed file. It also lets you specify field filters to curate the items in the file.


Method NameHTTP MethodPathSummarySamples

Returns the the details of the application's feed file access configuration. Lists the marketplaces and categories for which the application can download feed files.

View getAccess - /access


Method NameHTTP MethodPathSummarySamples

Returns a list of the feed files of a particular feed type that are available for download. Currently CURATED_ITEM_FEED is the only available feed type.

Note: For bootstrap, item, snapshot and priority feed files, continue to use the Feed Beta API.

View getFeedType - /feed_type/{feed_type_id}
Returns a list of all the feed files available to download, grouped by feed type. The response included information on the feed's scope (DAILY, HOURLY, OR WEEKLY), supported feed files in that type, marketplace, and status (ACTIVE, PAUSED, DEPRECATED).View getFeedTypes - /feed_type


Method NameHTTP MethodPathSummarySamples

Returns a specified hourly, daily or weekly TSV_GZIP feed file, as specified in the request URI.

View downloadFile - /file/{file_id}/download

Returns a list of the details for a particular available feed file. It includes details on the date of its feed, its file type, its scope, its format and marketplace.

View getFile - /file/{file_id}

Returns a list of the feed files available to download. The file search can be filtered in the URI by feed type, feed frequency, category id, and how far back in time from the present the feed was made available.

View getFiles - /file