feed APIv1_beta.2.0

Feed API Release Notes

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The API release history

The following table lists the Feed API releases:

Release Version

Release Date

Description of Release

v1_beta.2.0 2017-10-24 Added 3 available quantity columns to the Item feed file
v1_beta.1.0 2017-10-16 Replaced the item_summary resource with item
Added new resources
Added a new request header
v1_beta.0.0 2017-06-01 Initial API beta release


The following columns, which represent the available quantity of the item, were added to the Item feed file. The table below lists the new columns along with their description. These columns were added as the last 3 columns in the file in the order shown.

New Columns


estimatedAvailableQuantityThe estimated number of the item that are available for purchase.
availabilityThresholdTypeIndicates that the seller has more that the 'quantity display preference' value in stock for this item. For details, see availabilityThresholdType.
availabilityThresholdThe 'display item quantity' threshold value the seller has set in the seller preferences on eBay.

Announcement - October 2017

Availability of OpenAPI Specification

This release of the Feed API includes Beta version downloadable JSON and YAML formats of the API contract that comply with version 2.0 of the OpenAPI Specification. The OpenAPI Specification is a widely adopted standard for describing RESTful APIs. The eBay API specification files can facilitate your development process through the ability to generate client code in numerous languages, using the Swagger-Codegen tools, as well as the ability to easily view and test the API via the Swagger UI projects. Development of the OpenAPI Specification is overseen by the Open API Initiative, an open source collaborative project of the Linux Foundation.

Note: If you want to use the Swagger editing tool for viewing and testing, we advise you use the version of the editor that is compatible with 2.0 OpenAPI specifications: https://editor2.swagger.io/

Read the eBay API documentation for comprehensive API details, including allowed values, constraints, method-specific error messages, and implementation details.

File download     Download Feed API 2 JSON specification (beta)

File download     Download Feed API 2 YAML specification (beta)


The following changes have been made to the Feed API.

Replaced the item_summary resource

The item_summary resource was replaced by the item resource. The new item resource returns all the data that the item_summary resource returned plus 10 additional fields, such as itemLocationCountry, availability, etc. Note: The aspects, such as color, size, etc., that were returned by the item_summary resource, are now returned in the localizedAspects field.

The table below compares the fields returned by the new item resource and the deprecated item_summary resource.

Fields Returned by the New item Resource

Fields Returned the item_summary Resource

itemId ItemId
title Title
imageUrl ImageUrl
category Category
categoryId CategoryId
sellerUsername SellerUsername
sellerFeedbackPercentage SellerFeedbackPercentage
sellerFeedbackScore SellerFeedbackScore
gtin GTIN
brand Brand
mpn MPN
conditionId ConditionId
condition Condition
priceValue PriceValue
priceCurrency PriceCurrency
itemEndDate ItemEndDate
  AgeGroup (returned in localizedAspects)
  Gender (returned in localizedAspects)
  Material (returned in localizedAspects)
  Size (returned in localizedAspects)
  SizeType (returned in localizedAspects)
  Color (returned in localizedAspects)

Added new resources

The following lists the new resources in the Feed API. Each resource has one call, that returns a TSV_GZIP (tab separated value GZIP), which is a binary file.

The table below shows information about the new resources and calls.





GET item getItemFeed Returns a TSV_GZIP Item feed file containing all the items that were listed on a specific day in a specific category. For each item, all the item details are returned, except for the item description.


GET item_description getItemDescriptionFeed Returns a TSV_GZIP Description feed file containing the descriptions of all the items that were listed on a specific day in a specific category.



Added new request header

The feed files are very large so the GZIP file must be returned in chunks. You specify the size of the chunks in bytes using the Range request header. The Content-range response header indicates where in the full resource this partial chunk of data belongs and the total number of bytes in the file. For more information about using these headers, see Buy APIs Overview.


This is the initial BETA release of this API.

New calls

There is only one call for the initial release.

GET /item_summary