feed APIv1_beta.6.0

Feed API Overview


Technical overview

Using the Feed API, you can create a rich selection of items and products for your buyers. The Item feeds enable you to retrieve details of eBay marketplace items across various categories. The list of possible categories is available through the Taxonomy API.

This API uses the following resources:

  • item - Returns a daily gzip file of newly listed items in a category for a specific date. The item details are returned, excluding the item description. See getItemFeed for details.
  • item_description - Returns a daily gzip file of the descriptions of the newly listed items in a category for a specific date. See getItemDescriptionFeed for details.
  • item_snapshot - Returns a hourly gzip file of items that have been changed in a category on a specific date and hour. See getItemSnapshotFeed for details.

Business use cases

When used with the other Buy APIs, the Feed API lets you create shopping/buying opportunities virtually anywhere. For example, your buyers can have a seamless buying experience woven into a social application. This section outlines the high-level use cases for the Feed API.

Get a daily feed of newly listed items

You can download a feed file each day that contains the newly listed items and a feed file that contains the descriptions for these items in a category.

Curate the items

You can curate the items by any of the fields returned in the feed file to create a shopping experience specifically for your shoppers. For a list of fields returned in the feed file see getItemFeed.

Update item details

Item details, such as quantity and price, change often on eBay so you will need check for changes in the items you have stored. You can use:

  • The getItemSnapshotFeed call to retrieve an hourly TSV_GZIP feed file of the items that have changed within an hour by category.
  • The Browse API getItem call to check the details of a specific item.


API restrictions

Please note the following constraints for the Feed API.

Note: In addition to the Feed API restrictions below, there are also requirements for using the Buy APIs. For more information, see Buy APIs Requirements.

Regional/site constraints

The Feed API is currently supported on the following eBay sites:

  • EBAY-DE - eBay Germany (ebay.de) (not supported for the itemSnapshotFeed call)
  • EBAY-GB - eBay Great Britain (ebay.co.uk) (not supported for the itemSnapshotFeed call)
  • EBAY-US - eBay USA (ebay.com)

To specify the site of the feed files, set the X-EBAY-C-MARKETPLACE-ID request header to the site. For example:


eBay policies and rules

Although the eBay Buy APIs are available for anyone to use in eBay's sandbox environment, use of the APIs in production is restricted. Users must meet standard eligibility requirements, get approvals from eBay support organizations, and sign contracts with eBay and PayPal to access the Buy APIs in production.

See Buy APIs Requirements in the Buying Integration Guide for more information.