Sellers often need to change elements of an active listing. Typically, the change makes the item more appealing to buyers.

Most active listings may be changed by the seller. This is known as revising the listing. The seller can specify a new value for one or multiple elements of the item's definition or remove an element. ReviseItem, which is analogous to the Revise Your Item (RYI) page on the eBay marketplace, is used to revise a listing. There are, however, some exceptions:

Note: There are specific guidelines governing what information may be revised when a listing has bids or is within 12 hours of the end of the listing. Refer to What changes can I make? for additional information about revising these listings.

When revising an item using the ReviseItem or ReviseFixedPriceItem calls:

  1. Specify the item to revise by its item ID:

  2. Specify the item fields to add or change.

Note: When revising only a listing's price or quantity, consider using ReviseInventoryStatus rather than ReviseItem or ReviseFixedPriceItem.

For additional information about revising listings, refer to: