The GetAllBidders call returns a list of all bidders of an active or recently ended auction listing. The set of bidders that is returned can be filtered by specifying the appropriate enumeration value for CallMode parameter as follows:

  • ViewAll

    Returns a list of all bidders for an item. This value is available for use by any user.

  • EndedListing

    Returns all non-winning bidders for ended listings only. It is available for use by only sellers.

  • SecondChanceEligibleEndedListing

    Returns a list of all non-winning bidders for a recently-ended auction listing who are eligible for, and who accept, Second Chance Offers.

In the event that the winning bidder for a listing fails to complete the purchase of the item, the seller may wish to offer the item to one of the non-winning bidders for that listing. Or it might be that the seller has similar items to sell and wishes to offer those to other bidders on the first listing.

With some restrictions, a seller can extend a second chance offer to bidders in support of such scenarios. GetAllBidders plays a role in this. Refer to Second Chance Offers for additional information.