Use GetItem to retrieve variations (if any) that the seller included in the listing. If a listing has no variations, the Item.Variations node is not returned.

eBay returns variations in the order that the seller specified them. We suggest you display them in that order, in case the seller grouped or ordered them in a logical way.

In addition, GetItem returns the full set of all possible variation specifics in Item.Variations.VariationSpecificsSet. If you have a buying application, you can use this information to configure drop-down lists or other widgets to help buyers choose the variation they prefer. Refer to Configure variation-selection widgets for buyers (View Item) for more information.

Optionally, you can retrieve a subset of the available variations by specifying one or more variation specifics in the GetItem request.

Retrieve order line items with variations

The GetOrders, GetItemTransactions, and GetSellerTransactions calls return the OrderArray.Order.TransactionArray.Transaction.Variation container if the order’s line item was a purchase of a variation within a multiple-variation listing. This container identifies the specific variation with its unique variation aspects and its SKU value.

GetMyeBayBuying, GetMyeBaySelling, GetSellerEvents, GetSellerList and related calls return variations for applicable listings. Only the item variations that have activity are returned.

Platform notifications include details about variations, when applicable.