Applications retrieve whole lists of order line items for a particular seller using GetSellerTransactions. Retrieving the order line item data for a specific listing is done with GetItemTransactions. However, it is more efficient to use GetOrders to retrieve all single and multiple line item orders.

One reason an application returns a group of orders is to display the order line item data in a visual report. An end user can use this report to take various actions, such as contact some buyers to send them information.

Another reason for retrieving groups of orders is for processing the data outside the context of a user interface or human intervention. For example, an application could retrieve a list of the orders to assess activity, and only alert the seller if a predetermined condition exists (e.g., a buyer requests the total amount to pay, including shipping).

After an item is sold, the seller must ship the item to the buyer at which point the buyer and seller should leave each other feedback. Applications submit feedback with LeaveFeedback or CompleteSale. To retrieve feedback for a user, use GetFeedback. Refer to Feedback for additional information.