For every sale, the seller is charged a Final Value Fee (FVF). This fee is in addition to any listing-related fees that were charged at listing time.

The Final Value Fee applies right when the buyer commits to purchasing the item. If the buyer requests that the order be cancelled, and the seller grants that request, the seller may be eligible to get a credit for the Final Value Fee. The seller may also get a Final Value Fee credit if the buyer never pays for the item and the seller is forced to cancel the order.

The calculation of the Final Value Fee depends on several things, such as marketplace, type of item, etc. For information about how Final Value Fees are calculated, refer to Final value fees.

The output of AddItem includes fees the seller incurs for the listing. Those fees do not include the Final Value Fee, which cannot be calculated until the item has been sold.

To retrieve Final Value Fees, pass IncludeFinalValueFee with a value of True in to GetItemTransactions, GetSellerTransactions, GetOrders, or GetOrderTransactions. The Final Value Fee is returned in Transaction.FinalValueFee.

Under certain circumstances, sellers may request a Final Value Fee credit. For example, a seller can request full credit if a buyer backs out and does not buy an item. Fee credit values are returned by GetAccount. Unlike Final Value Fees, however, credits cannot be reported at the order line item level.

Due to data processing and storage limitations and performance considerations, neither Final Value Fees nor fee credits are aggregated and reported for items as a whole.

For additional information about fees and fee credits, refer to Selling fees.

For marketplace-specific fee information, refer to Fees by marketplace.