The following table provides links to the Selling Fees overview page for all eBay marketplacess that support eBay APIs. Generally, the Selling Fees overview page discusses insertion fees, final value fees, listing upgrade fees, and supplemental service fees, but this may vary by marketplace.

eBay Marketplace (SiteID value) Fee Information
Austria (14) Gebühren für private Verkäufer
Australia (15) Selling fees without an eBay Store
Belgium (French language) (23) Frais pour les vendeurs particuliers
Belgium (Dutch language) (123) Kosten voor particuliere verkopers
Canada (English language) (2) Selling fees
Canada (French language) (210) Frais de mise en vente
Switzerland (193) Gebühren für private Verkäufer
Germany (77) Gebühren für private Verkäufer
Spain (186) Comisiones y tarifas para vendedores particulares
France (71) Frais pour les vendeurs particuliers
Hong Kong (201) 出售費用
Ireland (205) Fees for private sellers
Italy (101) Tariffe per venditori privati
Malaysia (207) Selling fees
Netherlands (146) Kosten voor particuliere verkopers
Philippines (211) Selling fees
Poland (212) Opłaty dla prywatnych sprzedawców
Singapore (216) Selling fees
United Kingdom (3) Fees for private sellers
United States (0) Selling fees
eBay Motors Fees for selling vehicles on eBay Motors
eBay Stores Store selling fees
Real Estate Listing Fees (US) Fees for Real Estate listings