Phase 1 categories/brands

The eBay categories/brands affected by Phase 1 are highlighted in the following table. For a complete list of eBay Catalog products, including associated GTINs, MPNs, brands and other product and category detail, download the following files:

Note: The enforcement of PBSE on Phase 1 categories/brands for the US, UK, CA, and Australia sites began in May 2018. For Germany, PBSE enforcement on Phase 1 categories/brands began in mid-August 2018.


Category Name Category ID Brand Product Examples Country Exceptions
Air Purifiers 43510 Dyson Pure None
Audio Docks & Mini Speakers 111694 Jawbone Jambox Not required in UK or AU
Humidifiers 71240 Dyson AM Humidifier None
Internet & Media Streamers 168058 Amazon Fire Stick None
Internet & Media Streamers 168058 Apple TV None
Internet & Media Streamers 168058 Google Chromecast None
Internet & Media Streamers 168058 Roku Premier/Express/1/2/3/4 Not required in AU or DE
Portable Fans 20612 Dyson AM Cooling Fan None
Programmable Thermostats 115949 NEST Thermostat Not required in UK, AU or AU
Space Heaters 20613 Dyson AM Fan Heater None
Voice-Enabled Smart Assistants 184435 Amazon Echo Not required in DE
Voice-Enabled Smart Assistants 184435 Google Home None
Cell Phones 9355 Apple iPhones None
Tablets 171485 Apple iPads None