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This quick reference includes topics associated with the Sell Feed API and Seller Hub feed types.

Schema version

A schemaVersion parameter is required for the createTask method. This parameter sets the version number of the API schema that you are programming against. For Seller Hub feed types, set the value of schemaVersion to "1.0".

Supported marketplaces

See the MarketplaceIdEnum for marketplaces supported by Seller Hub feed types.

Available feed types

The Seller Hub client supports feedTypes listed in the following table.

Feeds API Feed Type

Job Detail


Use this feed type to upload filled-in templates that Create new listings, Create new drafts, Edit price and quantity, Relist unsold items, and End listings.


Use this feed type to upload filled-in templates that Add order tracking and shipping information. This gives you the ability to update fulfillment related information like shipping status, tracking, shipping carriers, and similar details.


The Sell Feed API is a REST-based API that can upload CSV files. Errors triggered during the creation and upload tasks are Sell Feed API errors. After a file is successfully uploaded, errors can then be triggered by the content of the uploaded file content. These are Trading API or LMS Feed errors. The Sell Feed API errors will be returned in the REST call, while Trading API and LMS Feed errors are returned in a downloaded results file (from a getResultFile call).

For an example of Sell Feed API errors, see the createTask method (each method has its own error responses and error codes). For information on errors resulting from this call, see the error codes provided with the createTask method. See the specific call for its associated error responses and error codes.

Trading API or LMS errors can occur from issues with the uploaded file in the request. Failed (unsuccessful) tasks include error messages and codes. For failed tasks, the errors are provided in a GZIP XML archive (downloaded file). Download this result file using taskId and the getResultFile method. Only taskId is required for this operation. If any issues or errors are present, learn about them from the downloaded results file and the applicable Trading API call. For example, if there are Add *Action failures, reference the AddItem call in the Trading API. Make edits to your request file, remove any successful objects, and then re-upload. See the following table for Trading calls of interest.

Listing Template Associated Trading API Call
Create new listings AddItem
Create new drafts VerifyAddItem
Edit price and quantity ReviseInventoryStatus
Relist unsold listings RelistItem
End listings (verify) EndItem