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This complex type defines a shipment for a specific package (for example, a box or letter). Shipments are always linked to a purchased shipping label.

Types that use Shipment

Not used by any types.

Calls that use Shipment


Cancellation status for the package, if one exists.
The date and time the shipment was created, formatted as an ISO 8601 string, which is based on the 24-hour Coordinated Universal Time (UTC) clock.

Format: [YYYY]-[MM]-[DD]T[hh]:[mm]:[ss].[sss]Z
Example: 2018-08-20T07:09:00.000Z
If supported by the selected shipping carrier, this field can contain optional seller text to be printed on the shipping label.
The direct URL the seller can use to download an image of the shipping label. By default, the file format is PDF. See downloadLabelFile for requesting different response file formats.
The seller's desired label size. The support for multi-sized labels is shipping-carrier specific and if the size requested in the creaateFromShippingQuote call matches a size the carrier supports, the value will be represented here in the shipment.

Currently, the only valid value is: 4"x6"
array of Order
A list of one or more orders that will be shipped in the shipping package.
The weight and dimensions of the package.
The shipping rate that the seller has chosen to purchase for this shipment. Each rate, identified by a rateId, contains the offered base service, options, and shipping parameters that were selected for the package shipment.
The address and contact details that should be used for item returns. Sellers have the option to define a return address that is different from their shipFrom address. If not specified, the return address defaults to the shipFrom address in the shipping quote.
The address and contact details for the origin of the package shipment.
The unique eBay-assigned ID for the shipment. The ID is generated when the shipment is created by a call to createFromShippingQuote.
A unique carrier-assigned ID string that can be used to track the shipment.
The address and contact details for the destination of the shipment.