logistics APIv1_beta.0.0

API Reference : Resources

Note: This is a Limited Release(Limited Release) API available only to select developers approved by business units.

The Logistics API resources offer the following capabilities:

  • shipping_quote – Consolidates into a list a set of live shipping rates, or quotes, from which you can select a rate to ship a package.
  • shipment – Creates a "shipment" for the selected shipping rate.
Call createShippingQuote to get a list of live shipping rates. The rates returned are all valid for a specific time window and all quoted prices are at eBay-negotiated rates.

Select one of the live rates and using its associated rateId, create a "shipment" for the package by calling createFromShippingQuote. Creating a shipment completes an agreement, and the cost of the base service and any added shipping options are summed into the returned totalShippingCost value. This action also generates a shipping label that you can use to ship the package. The total cost of the shipment is incurred when the package is shipped using the supplied shipping label.

Important! Sellers must set up a payment method via their eBay account before they can use the methods in this API to create a shipment and the associated shipping label.


Method NameHTTP MethodPathSummarySamples
Creates a shipping quote for a single package based on its origin, destination, and size.View createShippingQuote - /shipping_quote
Gets the details of a previously created shipping quote by ID.View getShippingQuote - /shipping_quote/{shippingQuoteId}


Method NameHTTP MethodPathSummarySamples
Creates a "shipment" based on a specified rateId and generates a shipping label.View createFromShippingQuote - /shipment/create_from_shipping_quote
Gets the details of a shipment by ID.View getShipment - /shipment/{shipmentId}
Downloads the shipping label generated for the specified shipmentId.View downloadLabelFile - /shipment/{shipmentId}/download_label_file
Cancels a shipment by ID.View cancelShipment - /shipment/{shipmentId}/cancel