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This method returns the shipping label file that was generated for the shipmentId value specified in the request. Call createFromShippingQuote to generate a shipment ID.

Note: The Logistics API only supports USPS shipping rates and labels.
Use the Accept HTTP header to specify the format of the returned file. The default file format is a PDF file.


Resource URI


This method is supported in Sandbox environment. To access the endpoint, just replace the root URI with

URI parameters

shipmentIdstringThis path parameter specifies the unique eBay-assigned identifier of the shipment associated with the shipping label you want to download.

The shipmentId value is generated and returned by the createFromShippingQuote method.

Occurrence: Required

HTTP request headers

All requests made to eBay REST operations require you to provide the Authorization HTTP header for authentication authorization.

The table below shows additional HTTP request headers that are either required, conditionally required, or strongly recommended for this method. Other standard HTTP request headers- opens rest request components page (not in this table) can also be used, but they are optional.

AcceptstringThis header specifies the format of the returned file. For this method, the value of the header should be Accept: application/pdf.

Occurrence: Required

OAuth scope

This request requires an access token created with the authorization code grant flow, using one or more scopes from the following list (please check your Application Keys page for a list of OAuth scopes available to your application):

See OAuth access tokens for more information.

Request payload

This call has no payload.

Request fields

This call has no field definitions.


HTTP response headers

This call has no response headers.

Response payload

This call has no payload.

Response fields

This call has no field definitions.

HTTP status codes

This call can return one of the following HTTP status codes. For an overview of the status codes, see HTTP status codes in Using eBay RESTful APIs.

404Not Found
500Internal Server Error

Error codes

For more on errors, plus the codes of other common errors, see Handling errors.

90000API_LOGISTICSAPPLICATIONA system error has occurred.
90005API_LOGISTICSREQUESTThe resource could not be found.


This call has no warnings.


New to making API calls? Please see Making a Call.

Note: Identifiers, such as order IDs or user IDs, and personal data in these samples might be anonymized or may no longer be active on eBay. If necessary, substitute current, relevant eBay data in your requests.

Sample 1: Download a shipping label

When you create a shipment with createFromShippingLabel, a pre-paid shipping label is created that you can use to ship the package via the selected shipping carrier. Use this method to download the printing label for your shipment. Note that you can also download the label using the URL returned in the response body of your createFromShippingLabel call.


Supply the shippingQuoteId as a path parameter in your request.



A successful call returns an HTTP status code of 200 OK and the label is downloaded to your system. This method has no response payload.