analytics API1.3.0

API Reference : Resources

The Analytics API provides data and information about a seller and their eBay business.

The resources and methods in this API let sellers review information on their listing performance, metrics on their customer service performance, and details on their eBay seller performance rating.

The three resources in the Analytics API provide the following data and information:

  • Customer Service Metric – Returns benchmark data and a metric rating pertaining to a seller's customer service performance as compared to other seller's in the same peer group.
  • Traffic Report – Returns data and information that shows how buyers are engaging with a seller's listings.
  • Seller Standards Profile – Returns information pertaining to a seller's profile rating.
Sellers can use the data and information returned by the various Analytics API methods to determine where they can make improvements to increase sales and how they might improve their seller status as viewed by eBay buyers.

For details on using this API, see Analyzing seller performance.


Method NameHTTP MethodPathSummarySamples
Gets the seller's customer service performance for the specified metric type.View getCustomerServiceMetric - /customer_service_metric/{customer_service_metric_type}/{evaluation_type}


Method NameHTTP MethodPathSummarySamples
Gets all the standards profiles associated with a seller.View findSellerStandardsProfiles - /seller_standards_profile
Gets a seller's standards profile for a specific program and cycle.View getSellerStandardsProfile - /seller_standards_profile/{program}/{cycle}


Method NameHTTP MethodPathSummarySamples
Generates a seller's traffic report based on specified days or listing IDs.View getTrafficReport - /traffic_report