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Container specifying a payment method that is accepted by the seller. Specify multiple payment methods by repeating this container. For more on payment methods, see Accepted payments policy.

Note that payment methods are not applicable to classified ad listings – all classified ad payments are handled off of the eBay platform.

Types that use PaymentMethod

Calls that use PaymentMethod


It's important to note that the credit card brands Visa and MasterCard must both be listed if either one is listed, as is shown in the following code fragment:

"paymentMethods": [{ "brands": [VISA, MASTERCARD] }] ...

Note: Different eBay marketplaces may or may not support this field.

Use the Trading API GetCategoryFeatures call with FeatureID set to PaymentMethods and DetailLevel set to ReturnAll to see what credit card brands different marketplaces support. If the GetCategoryFeatures call returns details on credit card brands for the categories in which you sell, then you can use this field to list the credit card brands the seller accepts. If, on the other hand, GetCategoryFeatures does not enumerate credit card brands for your target site (for example, if it returns PaymentMethod set to CCAccepted), then you cannot enumerate specific credit card brands with this field for that marketplace.

Required if paymentMethodType is set to CREDIT_CARD.

A list of credit card brands accepted by the seller.

The payment method, selected from the supported payment method types.

Use GetCategoryFeatures in the Trading API to retrieve the payment methods allowed for a category on a specific marketplace, as well as the default payment method for that marketplace (review the SiteDefaults.PaymentMethod field). For example, the response from GetCategoryFeatures shows that on the US marketplace, most categories allow only electronic payments via credit cards, PayPal, and the like. Also, note that GeteBayDetails does not return payment method information.

Note: If you create item listings using the Inventory API, you must set this field to PAYPAL (currently, the Inventory API supports only fixed-prince GTC items where the only supported paymentMethod is PayPal).

This field contains information that eBay uses to identify the recipient's account to which electronic funds are sent and must contain the email address associated with the PayPal account selected by the seller.

eBay uses this information to identify the correct PayPal account when the buyer pays for an order using PayPal. (Because it's possible to have more than a single PayPal account, eBay cannot rely on account data returned by GetUser for determining the correct PayPal eddress.)

Required if the payment method is set to PAYPAL.