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A container that describes the details of a deposit. Used only with motor listings.

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Deposits are used only with Motors listings and the amount value indicates the initial deposit that a buyer must make to purchase a motor vehicle. The deposit amount can be as high as $2,000.00 and if an amount is not specified, this value defaults to '0.0'. If the seller specifies a deposit amount, they must also specify an hoursToDeposit value.

Deposits on motor vehicles can only be paid using PayPal, so if you specify a deposit amount, then you must also set the paymentMethodType value to 'PayPal'. Unlike other listings, PayPal is not automatically added to a Motors listing even if the seller has a PayPal preference set in My eBay. Because of these requirements, the seller must have a linked PayPal account in order to require a deposit.

The deposit amount appears in the shipping, payment details and return policy section of the View Item page.

Min: 0.0, Max: 2000.0, Default: 0.0

This value indicates the number of hours the buyer has (after they commit to buy) to make an initial deposit to the seller as a down payment on a motor vehicle. Valid values are '24 HOUR', '48 HOUR' (default), and '72 HOUR'.

The deposit amount is specified in the deposit.amount field. If not specified, the deposit amount value defaults to '0.0', in which case, a deposit on the vehicle is not required.

In order for a buyer to make an initial deposit on a US or CA motor vehicle, you must set a paymentMethodType value to 'PayPal' (in addition to the payment methods offered for the full payment).

Min=24 (hours), Max=72 (hours), Default=48 (hours)
array of PaymentMethod
For deposits (which are applicable to only motor listings), the paymentMethodType must be set to 'PAYPAL' and you must also populate the fields in the recipientAccountReference object.

Required if your motor vehicles listing requires a deposit.