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Published: December 04 2018, 2:49:00 PMUpdated: September 06 2022, 8:56:58 PM

Currently, the procedure to link your PayPal sandbox account with your eBay sandbox account is not working properly. To request help:

1.       You will need to file a ticket.  You can do so in two ways

a.    File a support ticket here,

b.    File a contact us ticket here (search for “I need to link my eBay and PayPal Sandbox account”,

2.       In both cases we will need to provide the following information

a.    The eBay sandbox test username (starts with testuser_)

b.    The PayPal sandbox user email address

c.     IF you filed a contact us ticket please also complete the “Your developer account username” input so we can send a confirmation email


Useful articles:

How to create an eBay Sandbox account ?

How to create a PayPal Sandbox account? 


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