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Published: March 16 2017, 4:45:00 PMUpdated: September 01 2022, 12:48:50 PM

Starting March 2017, UPIs will be validated based on the following criteria:

·  Invalid GTIN(s) – not numeric/ not in the right length/ doesn’t pass checksum

·  Brand value has only special characters - e.g. *&#@

·  Brand value is in black list ("new", "other", "brand", "value brand", "brand new", "100% brand new","new brand", "approved vendor", "100% new", "others", "made in china", "see description“ etc.)

·  MPN value has only special characters - e.g. ??

Who will be enforced?

•  All sites and categories
•  All items conditions
•  New and revised items (revision upon listing data, not price/quantity change)
•  Single SKU & Multiple SKU
•  Items with eBay Catalog Product Data:
-- will be exempt from those restrictions
-- the existence of UPIs or other required aspects will still be enforced
•  Timeline for impacting GTC renewal is still TBD.


  • “Input Quality” validations will be applied when revising title, description, product details etc.
  • “Input Quality” validations will not be applied to ReviseInventoryStatus API
  • “Input Quality” validations will not be applied to ReviseItem or ReviseFixedPriceItem API if revising any one of the item properties list below:


  •  “Input Quality” validations will also be applied to the item specific(s) that sellers add via  ‘Add your Own Item Item Specific’ functionality on UI as shown below or as Custom Item Specific via API                                                                                              

Please click on Individual UPIs to learn more about them:




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