If you are a seller, your Seller Hub gives you access to every resource that you need as an eBay seller, including the following:

  • Overview tab that shows unread messages, orders awaiting shipment, seller level, and sales history
  • Orders tab that shows all recent orders, with filters to display orders in different states
  • Listings tab that shows all active listings and built-in functionality to modify existing listings and create new listings
  • Marketing tab that allows sellers to set up Promotional Sale campaigns, set up and offer buyer coupons, and set up buyer groups to encourage and track repeat business from those buyers
  • Store tab that allows sellers to configure custom store categories, set Time Away settings, and set up newsletter content for past buyers and store visitors
  • Performance tab to view traffic, sales, and service metrics
  • Payments tab to view detailed information on all monetary transactions, including seller payouts, eBay shipping labels, buyer refunds, and listing-related fees. There are also options to configure payout settings, to retrieve tax forms related to eBay sales, customize transaction reports, and download eBay invoices.
  • Research tab where seller can search for a product and retrieve Terapeak research data on that product
  • Reports tab that allows the seller to do bulk uploads of new listings or bulk revisions of existing listings. There is also functionality available to download order reports