The My eBay page is a more personalized side of the eBay marketplace. Category listing and search results pages are more generalized, showing items offered by many different sellers and with which a viewing user might have no direct connection. The My eBay page shows lists of items that the user is directly associated with—as a buyer or as a seller.

eBay users come to the My eBay page to get summary and specific data about their buying and selling, to set their preferences, and to manage their accounts.

The content of a user's My eBay page is specific to that user. This content consists of a number of different item lists. These lists range from items on which the user is currently bidding, to items the user is watching, to items the user is currently selling. The lists are spread across a number of tab pages.

The API provides ways to return data that has the same structure as that found on a user's My eBay page and is filtered to show just those items with which the user is associated. This enables an application to produce a replication of the My eBay page.