Currently, sellers may offer shipping via the Global Shipping Programme in their listings, subject to the following qualifications:

  • The item must be listed on and located within the United Kingdom.
  • The item must not be illegal, hazardous, subject to export restrictions, prohibited by eBay, or prohibited by the Global Shipping Program. Refer to Prohibited and restricted items for complete information.
  • The item must be in a Global Shipping-eligible item category.

The eligibility of a given item in a participating category to be shipped via the Global Shipping Programme is automatically determined by the international shipping provider as soon as the seller selects Global Shipping as the default international shipping option for that item. If the item doesn't qualify, the seller will see a message requesting that a different international shipping option be selected.

You can determine whether a given item category is eligible for Global Shipping on your eBay marketplace. Refer to Seller Records to learn about retrieving this — and other — information for sellers.

If a listing has both Global Shipping and another international shipping option enabled, and the item listed is determined by eBay or the international shipping provider to be ineligible for the Global Shipping Program, the Global Shipping option will be silently removed from the listing, and the remaining shipping option will automatically be offered in the normal way.

Buyer eligibility

When a buyer views the listing of a Global Shipping-enabled item, eBay compares the buyer's primary shipping address with the destination shipping regions and countries excluded by the seller for the listing, as well as with the international shipping provider's current import/export restrictions, to determine if the buyer can be offered shipping via Global Shipping for the item. If the buyer qualifies for the Global Shipping Program, the listing page displays it as the international shipping option and displays the estimated total cost of shipping, including import charges.