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Note: In all eBay marketplaces, Condition ID 2000 now maps to an item condition of 'Certified Refurbished', and not 'Manufacturer Refurbished'. To list an item as 'Certified Refurbished', a seller must be pre-qualified by eBay for this feature. Any seller who is not eligible for this feature will be blocked if they try to create a new listing or revise an existing listing with this item condition. Any active listings on any eBay marketplace that had 'Manufacturer Refurbished' as the item condition should have been automatically updated by eBay to the 'Seller Refurbished' item condition (Condition ID 2500).

Any seller that is interested in eligibility requirements to list with 'Certified Refurbished' should see the Certified refurbished program page in Seller Center.

Type that uses ItemCondition


Call that uses ItemCondition


The human-readable label for the condition (e.g., "New"). This value is typically localized for each site.

Note that the display name can vary by category. For example, the description for condition ID 1000 could be called "New: with Tags" in one category and "Brand New" in another. For details on condition IDs and descriptions, see Item condition ID and name values.
The ID value of the selected item condition. For information on the supported condition ID values, see Item condition ID and name values.
The value returned in this field indicates if there are any usage restrictions or requirements for the corresponding item condition in the corresponding category.

Note: Currently, the only supported value is 'RESTRICTED', and this field will only be returned for the following conditions: 2000, 2010, 2020, 2030. Sellers must be pre-approved to use any of these item conditions.