metadata APIv1.2.0

Metadata API release notes

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The API release history

The following table lists the releases for the Metadata API:


Release Date

Summary of Release

Version 1.2.0


One new method, getProductAdoptionPolicies, added to the marketplace resource.

Version 1.1.0


Five new methods added to the marketplace resource.

Version 1.0.0


Initial release of Version 1.

Version 1.2.0

This release adds one new method to marketplace resource:

Note: This call is currently supported in the eBay Sandbox and Production environments for testing purposes. For more information, see Testing Product-Based Shopping Experience APIs in sandbox and Testing Product-Based Shopping Experience APIs in production.

This new method returns a list of leaf categories from the category tree of the specified marketplace. Each node in the response shows the policies that govern whether or not items listed in that category require an ePID value in their item descriptions. If productRequired equals true, then that category is governed by the product-adoption policies and you must include an ePID value in the body of any items you list in that category.

Version 1.1.0

This release introduces five new methods in the new marketplace resource.

API updates

This release contains several new methods that let you retrieve specific listing policies for a specified eBay marketplace. You can filter the response by category IDs:

New calls

Version 1.0.0

This is the initial release of the Metadata API, Version 1.

For a list of the new calls, see the Metadata API Reference.