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Note: This is a (Limited Release) API available only to select developers approved by business units.

The Logistics API helps sellers streamline the process of delivering ecommerce orders by offering shipping labels for a range of shipping services, all priced with eBay-negotiated shipping rates.

Using the Logistics API, you can automate the process of compiling a range of available shipping services for price comparisons, and you can buy and print shipping labels for the services you choose. The service is designed to work with eBay orders, but you can also use it to buy shipping services at eBay-negotiated rates for packages that you're shipping through other channels or sources.

With competitive shipping rates and the ability to easily download a shipping label, this API can reduce the time and effort it takes to ship packages. Start using this API by getting a shipping quote to see all the available rates from the participating carriers. Next, choose the best rate based on shipping cost, your delivery and pick-up needs, and any other options you might need to ship the package. Then, generate a shipping label for the rate you select and use it to ship your package!

Technical overview

The Logistics API contains methods in the following resources:

  • shipment
  • shipping_quote

The methods in these resources let you retrieve a shipping quote (which contains a list of live quotes from the shipping carriers), and create a "shipment," an action that creates a shipping label that can be downloaded via a URL or retrieved using an API request.

Shipping rates

Get a set of shipping rates by calling createShippingQuote. The request returns a "shipping quote," which contains a list of rates that can be used to ship a single package. A package for shipment is defined by its origin, destination, and size (the weight and dimensions of the package) and the package can contain all or part of an order, or all or part of multiple orders to be shipped to the same destination.

A shipping "rate" offers a shipping service from a shipping carrier at a base service price. A rate can include optional services you might need to ship a package, such as a signature upon receipt or a special pick up arrangement. All rates offer eBay-negotiated prices and all rates are available for the time window quoted with the rate.


You can use any of the shipping rates returned from createShippingQuote to create a "shipment." When you create a shipment, eBay generates a shipping label that you can download and use to ship the package.

Call createFromShippingQuote to create a shipment for the rate you select. When making the request, you can add any of the available shipping options offered with the base service rate. The cost for the additional services are added to the base cost of the service, and the totalShippingCost is billed against the account set up by user's eBay billing agreement.

Business use cases

The Logistics API supports the use cases outlined below.

Create and retrieve a shipping quote

A shipping quote is a live quote to ship a specific package, as defined by its origin, destination, and size.

A shipping quote offers multiple rates, where each rate specifies the "base rate" for shipping a package via a specific shipping carrier and service, plus any additional shipping options made available for the associated service. Each rate also includes the time window in which the package is expected to be delivered, plus any pick-up details, as specified by the carrier.

Create and retrieve a shipment

After getting a shipping quote, you can pick any of the returned rates and create a shipment based on the details of the selected rate.

When you create a shipment, eBay generates a shipping label and the cost of the label is billed against the user's eBay account or their established billing agreement.

Print a shipping label

After you create a shipment, you can print the associated label using a URL returned from the createFromShippingQuote call, or you can download the label via a call to the downloadLabelFile method.

Cancel a shipment

As long as you have not used the shipping label associated with a shipment, you can cancel a shipment and receive a refund for the total shipping cost.

Logistics API requirements and restrictions

Important! The use of the Logistics API is currently restricted to only the partners who have been white-listed to use the API. To request access to the Logistics API, visit:

Application Growth Check

In addition, sellers must set up a payment method via their eBay account before they can use the methods in this API to create a shipment and the associated shipping label.

The Logistics API has the additional restrictions detailed below.

Supported shipping locations

The Logistics API is restricted to packages that are shipped from the United States only. You can use the service to ship internationally from the US, as supported by the participating shipping carriers.

Supported shipping carriers

The Logistics API methods only support USPS shipping rates and labels. Information relating to other carrier services will not be returned through these methods.