inventory API1.7.0


This type is used to provide details about each retrieved inventory item record.

Type that uses InventoryItemWithSkuLocaleGroupKeys

Call that uses InventoryItemWithSkuLocaleGroupKeys


This container is used to specify the quantity of the inventory item that are available for purchase if the item will be shipped to the buyer, and the quantity of the inventory item that are available for In-Store Pickup at one or more of the merchant's physical stores
This enumeration value indicates the condition of the item. Supported item condition values will vary by eBay site and category. To see which item condition values that a particular eBay category supports, use the getItemConditionPolicies method of the Metadata API. This method returns condition ID values that map to the enumeration values defined in the ConditionEnum type. The Item condition ID and name values topic in the Selling Integration Guide has a table that maps condition ID values to ConditionEnum values. The getItemConditionPolicies call reference page has more information.

A condition value is optional up until the seller is ready to publish an offer with the SKU, at which time it becomes required.

Since the condition of an inventory item must be specified before being published in an offer, this field is always returned in the 'Get' calls for SKUs that are part of a published offer. If a SKU is not part of a published offer, this container will only be returned if set for the inventory item.
This string field is used by the seller to more clearly describe the condition of used items, or items that are not 'Brand New', 'New with tags', or 'New in box'. The ConditionDescription field is available for all categories. If the ConditionDescription field is used with an item in a new condition (Condition IDs 1000-1499), eBay will simply ignore this field if included, and eBay will return a warning message to the user. This field should only be used to further clarify the condition of the used item. It should not be used for branding, promotions, shipping, returns, payment or other information unrelated to the condition of the item. Make sure that the condition value, condition description, listing description, and the item's pictures do not contradict one another.Max length: 1000.
This container is used to specify the dimensions and weight of a shipping package.
This container is used in a createOrUpdateInventoryItem call to pass in a Global Trade Item Number (GTIN) or a Brand and Manufacturer Part Number (MPN) pair to identify a product to be matched with a product in the eBay catalog. If a match is found in the eBay product catalog, the inventory item is automatically populated with available product details such as a title, a subtitle, a product description, item specifics, and links to stock images for the product.
The seller-defined Stock-Keeping Unit (SKU) of the inventory item. The seller should have a unique SKU value for every product that they sell.
This field is for future use only.
array of string
This returns the inventoryItemGroupKeys this inventory item is associated with for MSKU listings