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This complex data type defines the response data that is returned from a request to getCustomerServiceMetric.

The dimensionMetrics object contains the details of the dimension being measured and the calculated customer service metric values.

The evaluationCycle defines the period used to calculate the metric values.

The marketplaceId is the eBay marketplace for which the metrics are being considered.

Types that use GetCustomerServiceMetricResponse

Not used by any types.

Call that uses GetCustomerServiceMetricResponse


This container provides a seller's customer service metric performance for a given dimension.

In the getCustomerServiceMetric request, specify values for the following request parameters to control the returned dimension and the associated metric values:
  • customer_service_metric_type
  • evaluation_type
  • evaluation_marketplace_id
This complex type defines the evaluation type (CURRENT or PROJECTED) and the transaction lookback period used to calculate the seller's customer service metric.
The eBay marketplace ID of the marketplace upon which the customer service metric evaluation is based.

The customer_service_metric resource supports a limited set of marketplaces. For a complete list of the supported marketplaces, please see the Service metrics policy page.