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This type defines the fields for a seller's international return policy. If a seller does not populate the fields in this complex type, the international return policy defaults to the return policy set for domestic returns.

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Valid in the US marketplace only, this optional field indicates additional services (other than money-back) that sellers can offer buyers for remorse returns.

As of version 1.2.0, the only accepted value for this field is REPLACEMENT. This field is valid in only the US marketplace, any supplied value is ignored in other marketplaces.
Specifies the amount of time the buyer has to return an item. The return period begins when the item is marked "delivered" at the buyer's specified ship-to location.

You must set the value to one that's accepted by the marketplace and category where the item is listed. Most categories support 30-day and 60-day return periods.

For a definitive list of category return periods, call GeteBayDetails in the Trading API with DetailName set to ReturnPolicyDetails. In the response review the ReturnPolicyDetails.ReturnsWithin field to see the values supported in the different marketplace categories.

Note: In version 1.2.0, the options for this field were reduced. See the Release Notes for details.

Set this field using the TimeDuration complex type, where you set unit to DAY and value to either 30 or 60 (or other value, as appropriate).

Note that this value cannot be modified if the listing has bids or sales, or if the listing ends within 12 hours.

Required if the internationalOverride.returnsAccepted field is set to true.
If set to true, the seller allows international returns. If set to false, the seller does not accept international returns.

Required if the seller wants to set an international return policy that differs from their domestic return policy.
This field indicates who is responsible for paying for the shipping charges for returned items. The field can be set to either BUYER or SELLER.

Depending on the return policy and specifics of the return, either the buyer or the seller can be responsible for the return shipping costs. Note that the seller is always responsible for return shipping costs for SNAD-related issues.

Required if the internationalOverride.returnsAccepted field is set to true.