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Published: February 16 2007, 8:31:00 PMUpdated: November 28 2020, 3:20:06 PM

I used to retrieve list.getBiddingDetails().getWinning().booleanValue() via GetMyeBayCall

I am using GetMyeBayBuyingCall. Now we are getting NullPointerException when trying to do so. What is happening?


Detailed Description

   You are getting NullPointer exception since the Winning property is only available for the deprecated GetMyeBay API call and is not returned for GetMyeBayBuying .

   To determine the winning status using the data returned in GetMyeBayBuyingResponse.BidList, you can check if both conditions as below are true.

<BidList.ItemArray.Item.BidingDetails.QuantityWon> !=0 && <BidList.ItemArray.Item.SellingStatus.HighBidder.UserID >.equals(CALLER' eBay UserID)

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