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Published: November 05 2009, 4:52:00 PMUpdated: August 19 2022, 2:33:14 AM

I have set up EachAdditionalAmount flat shipping disocunt using SetShippingDiscountProfiles call. Although I have listed items using AddItem with the proper DicsountProfileID, discounts are not applied on shipping cost for additional items in my listing.


In your AddItem request, if the ShippingServiceAdditionalCost is "0" or has a value lesser than the discount value applied for shipping additional items, the discount rule will be ignored. The shipping logic will pick whichever is cheaper between the discount value and the ShippingServiceAdditionalCost.

Also, the cost for "Each additional item" will appear as FREE if <ShippingServiceAdditionalCost> was set to "0" in the AddItem request.

Please note that the discount profiles are applied on a per-site basis. This means if you create a discount on the site, it isn't applied when you view the item on site. Whereas, the same item, when viewed on, will have discounts applied.

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