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Published: April 22 2015, 3:23:00 PMUpdated: August 19 2022, 2:21:06 AM

When I make a call to GetSellerTransactions, I get the following in the response:


Even though the pagination container indicates that there are transactions, the number of  transactions that are actually returned is zero.  Why does this happen and how can I get my transactions?


The GetSellerTransactions API returns a count of both the empty and non-empty order lines for a given date range(indicated by the tag TotalNumberOfEntries), but will display only the non-empty order lines in the result.
It is possible that some retrieved pages will contain  fewer transaction data than specified in the pagination or no data at all. Hence pages that contain no order line item data, the ReturnedTransactionCountActual value will be '0'. It is also possible that pages 2, 3, and 4 have no data, but pages 1 and 5 do havedata .  The same being true for fewer transaction data in some pages.

For eg. If the EntriesPerPage specified in the request is 25,the response might contain only 2 non-empty order lines in that page and the rest 23 entries being the empty order lines


If an item with transactions is removed due to violations, you are likely to see this behavior.  When an item is removed, you cannot get the item or its transaction information. 

In this situation, when you make a call to GetSellerTransactions, it is likely that the pagination information is incorrect because the caches may take a while to get in sync with the actual information. 

You can get the remaining transactions using the following workaround:

  1. Check ReturnedTransactionCountActual.  If it is greater than 0, it indicates that there are transactions in the TransactionArray container, which you can retrieve.
  2. Check the HasMoreTransactions field in the response.  If it is true, it indicates that there are more transactions on the next page.  Increment the PageNumber by 1 and make the call to GetSellerTransactions.
  3. Repeat steps 1 and 2 till HasMoreTransactions is false

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