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Published: November 19 2008, 10:50:00 AMUpdated: August 16 2022, 2:45:34 AM

When I make an AddItem call, I keep getting "The region number you have entered is invalid. Please enter valid region."  As far as I know, I'm not passing a region number.  What's going on here?

This issue is caused by including a <PostalCode> that doesn't match the selected <Country> in the AddItem request.  For instance, if you specify a postal code of 95125 and a country of Hong Kong (HK), eBay will try to match that postal code with HK, which is not a valid scenario.  Per the documentation:

"If you specify PostalCode, but do not specify Item.Location, then Item.Location is given a default value derived from the postal code."

To fix the problem, either drop the postal code, or change the <Country> to match the postal code.

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