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Published: July 12 2007, 11:10:00 PMUpdated: August 04 2022, 10:31:07 AM

In most cases, you should use the Sandbox to list test items. However, some times
listing to production is necessary. In such cases, list to category 14111 (US site ID 0).

Detailed Description

The Sandbox is the preferred place for all API testing. However, if necessary,
please list test production items in leaf category 14111.

Category numbers are available from (indicate "Show category numbers").
Note that category numbers vary from site to site. This discussion is for site '0' - the US site

Branch category 14112 lists the following subcategories :

    Test Auctions  (#14112)
        Attributes (#37557)
            Attributes1 (#115623)
            Attributes2 (#37559)
            Attributes3 (#37560)
            Attributes4 (#37561)
            Attributes5 (#37562)
            Attributes6 (#37563)
            Attributes7 (#37565)
            Attributes8 (#37566)
            Attributes9 (#37567)
            Attributes10 (#37568)
        eBay Use Only (#30120)
        General (#14111)
        Personal Offer (#31448)

Use the following to list to the "General" leaf category :


Also clearly mark your title and description with "Test item - do not bid".

Finally, note you will be charged for these production listings.

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