Two rate scales are available for shipping when shipping is done via UPS:

  • On-Demand Rates: these are standard UPS shipping rates.
  • Daily Pick-Up Rates: these are reduced rates for high-volume shippers.

    Daily Pick-Up Rates translate into reduced shipping costs for the buyer when the seller elects to use calculated shipping.

Sellers identify which type of UPS rates they use by setting a preference on the Payment and Shipping Preferences web page. The selected rate type is indicated on the eBay marketplace in the Shipping Calculator. It is seen in the API in ShippingRateType.

ShippingRateType is only returned if the value in ShippingServiceOptions.ShippingService is a UPS shipping service. If ShippingRateType has a value of DailyPickup on input and no UPS shipping service is used, there is no shipping costs reduction.