eBay Motors Local Market listings are a type of classified ad vehicle listing on the eBay Motors US marketplace. Only licensed vehicle dealers with a Local Market subscription can create these listings. The Local Market is defined as the area within a seller-specified radius about a specified postal code. Buyers can retrieve Local Market vehicle listings in searches only when they supply a postal code.

The following vehicle categories can be listed:

  • Cars & Trucks (all brands)
  • Motorcycles (all brands)
  • Powersports (all subcategories)
  • Other Vehicles & Trailers (all subcategories including RVs & Campers)

Note: Local Market listings are supported for these vehicle categories only on the eBay Motors US marketplace and only for US postal codes.

You can enable the Best Offer feature on a Local Market listing. However, options to list as "Fixed Price," "Buy It Now," or "Buy It Now + Best Offer" are no longer available. If you have existing Local Market listings that use these types, they will remain on the marketplace and you can revise them until they expire.

Adding Local Market Listings

To add a new Local Market listing:

  • Use the Trading API's AddItem, AddItems, RelistItem, ReviseItem, or VerifyRelistItem call.
  • Set Item.ListingType to LeadGeneration.

    Note: Any other value will produce a national listing.

  • Set Item.ListingSubtype2 to ClassifiedAd.

    Note: This is the enforced default for the eBay Motors (100) marketplace (the LocalMarketBestOfferOnly value is disabled). Even if ListingSubtype2 is set to LocalMarketBestOfferOnly, eBay will reset it to ClassifiedAd.

  • Local Market listings support a listing duration of Days_30 or GTC.
  • To enable the Best Offer feature for this listing:

    • Set Item.BestOfferDetails.BestOfferEnabled to true in the API request
    • Specify a value for Item.StartPrice which will be displayed as the "Advertised Price" to buyers.

    Refer to Best Offers for additional information.

Note: The GetCategoryFeatures call does not return listing duration information for Local Market Listings.

Required Location and Contact Information

The following information must be included in every local market listing:

  • Set Item.ListingDetails.LocalListingDistance to a supported local radius (in miles) that will define the local market for this listing.

    Use FeatureID.LocalListingDistances with the GetCategoryFeatures call to retrieve a list of valid values for local listing distance by category.

  • Use the Item.PostalCode field to specify the location of the vehicle for search purposes. Only buyers within the specified radius of this postal code will see the listing.
  • Specify the geographical location of the item to be displayed on eBay listing pages.

    In order of preference, this may be done in one of the following ways,:

    1. Item.SellerContactDetails.Street and Item.SellerContactDetails.Street2 are used if you supply values for them.
    2. Item.Location is used if Street and Street2 are empty.
    3. Item.PostalCode is used to derive a location for the item if you don't specify a value for Location and if eBay can determine a location that corresponds to the postal code.
    4. Use the Item.ExtendedSellerContactDetails container to specify the seller's contact information.

      Note: Only Callbright telephone numbers are permitted in Local Market listings. Email addresses or links are not permitted in the listing. You may provide links through the "Ask Seller a Question" form.

Other Local Market Listing Requirements

Each listing must comply with the following requirements:

  • One picture is required for Local Market listings.
  • Use of video or Flash content must conform to eBay listing requirements.
  • Use of URL imprints or watermarks on pictures is prohibited.
  • Use of external lead forms is prohibited. All lead information must be acquired using the eBay lead form.
  • The following fields are invalid for local market listings:

    • Item.PrivateListing
    • Item.ListingEnhancement

    If a LocalListingDistance value is specified and any of the values for these fields is not null, a warning is returned.

Revise and Relist Local Market Listings

Be aware of the following call-specific differences when revising or relisting a Local Market listing:

  • ReviseItem cannot be used to change a non-local listing to a local listing, and vice versa.
  • ReviseItem can be used to change the value for Item.LocalListingDistance to one of the valid values supported by the given category.
  • RelistItem can be used to relist a non-local listing as a local listing, by specifying a valid local listing distance with Item.LocalListingDistance.
  • RelistItem can be used to relist a local listing as a non-local listing by using DeletedField to delete Item.ListingDetails.LocalListingDistance.

Relisting local vehicle listings is subject to the current restrictions for relisting items in eBay Motors, unless otherwise specified.

Best Offer Only listing

Best Offer Only listings are created using the Lead Generation format. This special format picks up all of the current functionality of a listing for which Best Offer has been enabled.

For example, GetBestOffers and RespondToBestOffer handle a Best Offer Only local market listing the same as the other listings that support best offers.

Additionally, GetMyeBayBuying handles a Best Offer Only local market listing the same as the other listings that support Best Offers. Local market listing items will be returned in BestOfferList of the GetMyeBayBuying response, and included in the BuyingSummary.BestOfferCount value. Likewise, GetMyeBaySelling handles a Best Offer Only local market listing the same as the other listings that support Best Offers and returns the listing in relevant lists: ScheduledList, ActiveList, SoldList, or UnsoldList.

Sellers cannot end a Best Offer Only local vehicle listing early if there are active Best Offers.

Retrieve Lead Information

When a buyer is interested in a Classified Ad vehicle listing in eBay Motors or Motors categories, he can leave information for the seller via the Ask Seller a Question or the eBay lead form on the View Item page. This lead information includes information such as:

  • Name
  • email address
  • Telephone number
  • Best time to contact
  • Trade-in information
  • Interest in financing
  • The buyer's time frame for purchasing

The seller can use the GetAdFormatLeads request to retrieve lead data for his listings.