fulfillment APIv1.15.0


This type contains information about the various monetary exchanges that apply to the net balance due for the order.

Type that uses PaymentSummary

Calls that use PaymentSummary


array of Payment
This array consists of payment information for the order, including payment status, payment method, payment amount, and payment date. This array is always returned, although some of the fields under this container will not be returned until payment has been made.
array of OrderRefund
This array is always returned, but is returned as an empty array unless the seller has submitted a partial or full refund to the buyer for the order. If a refund has occurred, the refund amount and refund date will be shown for each refund.
This is the total price that the buyer must pay for the entire order after all costs (item cost, delivery cost, taxes) are added for all line items, minus any discounts and/or promotions for any of the line items. Note that this value is subject to change before payment is actually made by the buyer (if the paymentStatus value was PENDING or FAILED), or if a partial or full refund occurs with the order.

Note: Beginning in early November 2019, for orders that are subject to 'eBay Collect and Remit' tax, which includes US state-mandated sales tax and 'Good and Services' tax in Australia and New Zealand, the 'Collect and Remit' tax amount for the order will be included in this totalDueSeller value.

To determine if 'Collect and Remit' taxes were added into this totalDueSeller value, the user can check for the lineItems.ebayCollectAndRemitTaxes and the lineItems.taxes containers in the response. If both of these containers appear for one or more line items in the response with a taxType value of STATE_SALES_TAX (in US) or GST (in Australia or New Zealand), the 'Collect and Remit' tax amount that the buyer paid is in this amount.

Sellers should be aware that the 'Collect and Remit' tax that the buyer pays for the order will initially be included when the order funds are distributed to their PayPal account, but that PayPal will pull out the 'Collect and Remit' tax amount shortly after the payment clears, and will distribute the tax to the appropriate taxing authority. Previous to this change, PayPal would strip out the 'Collect and Remit' tax before distributing order funds to the seller's account.

This logic change does not apply to sellers who are in eBay managed payments, so the amount in this field will never reflect any 'Collect and Remit' tax, even if the order is subject to 'Collect and Remit' tax.