fulfillment APIv1.19.10


This type contains the details of each line item in an order.

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This array contains information about one or more sales promotions or discounts applied to the line item. It is always returned, but will be returned as an empty array if no special sales promotions or discounts apply to the order line item.
This container consists of a breakdown of all costs associated with the fulfillment of the line item.
The cost of the line item after applying any discounts. This container is only returned if the order line item was discounted through a promotion.
This container will be returned if the order line item is subject to a 'Collect and Remit' tax that eBay will collect and remit to the proper taxing authority on the buyer's behalf. 'Collect and Remit' tax includes US state-mandated sales tax, 'Goods and Services' tax in Australia or New Zealand, and VAT collected for UK and EU countries. The amount of this tax is shown in the amount field, and the type of tax is shown in the taxType field.

eBay will display the tax type and amount during checkout in accordance with the buyer's address, and handle collection and remittance of the tax without requiring the seller to take any action.
This container consists of information that is needed by the seller to send a digital gift card to the buyer, or recipient of the digital gift card. This container is only returned and applicable for digital gift card line items.
This container field describes the physical location of the order line item.
The eBay-generated legacy listing item ID of the listing. Note that the unique identifier of a listing in REST-based APIs is called the listingId instead.
The unique identifier of a single variation within a multiple-variation listing. This field is only returned if the line item purchased was from a multiple-variation listing.
The selling price of the line item before applying any discounts. The value of this field is calculated by multiplying the single unit price by the number of units purchased (value of the quantity field).
This container consists of information related to shipping dates and expectations, including the 'ship-by date' and expected delivery windows that are based on the seller's stated handling time and the shipping service option that will be used. These fields provide guidance on making sure expected delivery dates are made, whether the order is a eBay Guaranteed Delivery order or a non-guaranteed delivery order.
This enumeration value indicates the current fulfillment status of the line item.
This is the unique identifier of an eBay order line item. This field is created as soon as there is a commitment to buy from the seller.
The unique identifier of the eBay marketplace where the line item was listed.
Contains information about the eBay programs, if any, under which the line item was listed.
The unique identifier of the eBay marketplace where the line item was listed. Often, the listingMarketplaceId and the purchaseMarketplaceId identifier are the same, but there are occasions when an item will surface on multiple eBay marketplaces.
The number of units of the line item in the order. These are represented as a group by a single lineItemId.
This array is always returned, but is returned as an empty array unless the seller has submitted a partial or full refund to the buyer for the order. If a refund has occurred, the refund amount and refund date will be shown for each refund.
Seller-defined Stock-Keeping Unit (SKU). This inventory identifier must be unique within the seller's eBay inventory. SKUs are optional when listing in the legacy/Trading API system, but SKUs are required when listing items through the Inventory API model.
The eBay listing type of the line item. The most common listing types are AUCTION and FIXED_PRICE.
array of Tax
Contains a list of taxes applied to the line item, if any. This array is always returned, but will be returned as empty if no taxes are applicable to the line item.
The title of the listing.
This is the total price that the buyer must pay for the line item after all costs (item cost, delivery cost, taxes) are added, minus any discounts and/or promotions.

Note: For orders that are subject to 'eBay Collect and Remit' tax, the 'Collect and Remit' tax amount for the order will be included in this total value only when the fieldGroups query parameter is set to TAX_BREAKDOWN. If the fieldGroups query parameter is not set to TAX_BREAKDOWN, 'Collect and Remit' will not be added into this total value.

To determine if 'Collect and Remit' taxes were added into this total value, the user can check for the corresponding lineItems.ebayCollectAndRemitTaxes and the lineItems.taxes containers in the response. If both of these containers appear for one or more line items in the response with the following taxType values, the 'Collect and Remit' tax amount that the buyer paid is in this amount:
  • STATE_SALES_TAX: US state-mandated sales tax
  • GST: 'Good and Services' tax in Australia or New Zealand
  • VAT: VAT collected for UK or EU countries