account APIv1.6.3


Complex type that that gets populated with a response containing a fulfillment policy.

Types that use SetFulfillmentPolicyResponse

Not used by any types

Calls that use SetFulfillmentPolicyResponse


array of CategoryType
The CategoryTypeEnum value to which this policy applies. This container is used to discern accounts that sell motor vehicles from those that do not.

Restriction: Currently, each policy can be set to only one categoryTypes value at a time.
An optional seller-defined description of the fulfillment policy for internal use (this value is not displayed to end users).

Max length: 250
If set to true, the seller offers freight shipping. Freight shipping can be used for large items over 150 lbs.
A unique eBay-assigned ID for a fulfillment policy. This ID is generated when the policy is created.
If set to true, the seller has opted-in to the Global Shipping Program and eBay automatically sets the international shipping service options to International Priority Shipping.

If the value of globalShipping is false, the seller is responsible for specifying one or more international shipping service options if they want to ship internationally.
Specifies the maximum number of business days the seller commits to for preparing and shipping an order after receiving a cleared payment for the order. This time does not include the transit time it takes the shipping carrier to deliver the order.

Note that Top-Rated sellers must offer same-day or one-day handling for a listing in order for that listing to receive a Top Rated Plus seal on the View Item or Search Results pages.

This field is required when the seller uses a flat or calculated shipping service, and it does not apply when there is no shipping service specified (for example, if the policy specifies only localPickup or freightShipping). In these cases, this field is not used and you can set it to 0.

Min: 0 Max: 30

If set to true, no shipping is offered by this policy and the seller offers only local pickup of the item (normally from a non-business location). This option is most often used for customer-to-customer sales and if set, costType should be set to NOT_SPECIFIED.
The ID of the eBay marketplace to which this fulfillment policy applies. If this value is not specified, value defaults to the seller's eBay registration site.
A user-defined name for this fulfillment policy. Names must be unique for policies assigned to the same marketplace.

Max length: 64
If set to true, the seller offers the "Click and Collect" option.

Currently, "Click and Collect" is available only to large retail merchants the eBay AU and UK marketplaces.
A list that defines the seller's shipping configurations for DOMESTIC and INTERNATIONAL order shipments.

The list has a single element if the seller ships to only domestic locations. If the seller also ships internationally, a second element defines their international shipping options.

Shipping options configure the high-level shipping settings that apply to orders, such as flat-rate or calculated shipping, and any rate tables the seller wants to associate with the shipping services.

Each shippingOption element has a shippingServices container that defines the list of shipping services (domestic or international) offered with this fulfillment policy.
This object contains the regionIncluded and regionExcluded fields, which defines the areas where the seller does and doesn't ship to with this fulfillment policy.

shipToLocations appears at both the top-level of the fulfillment policy as well as within the individual shippingOptions.shippingService containers. Here at the top level, this field returns the list of regionExclude areas that have been defined at this level, plus a complete list of regionIncluded fields that have been defined in all the policy's shippingOptions.shippingServices.shipToLocations containers.

For details on configuring this field, see The shipToLocations container.
array of ErrorDetailV3
A list of warnings that were generated during the processing of the request. This field normally returns empty, which indicates the request did not generate any warnings.