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This root container defines a seller's fulfillment policy for a specific marketplace and category type. Used when creating or updating a fulfillment policy, fulfillmentPolicyRequest encapsulates a seller's terms for fulfilling an order and includes the shipping carriers and services used for shipment and time the seller takes to ship an order. While each seller must define at least one fulfillment policy for every marketplace into which they sell, sellers can define multiple fulfillment policies for a single marketplace by specifying different configurations for the unique policies.

A successful call returns a fulfillmentPolicyId, plus the Location response header contains the URI to the resource.

Policy instructions can be localized by providing a locale in the Content-Language HTTP request header. For example: Content-Language: de-DE.

Tip: For more on using business policies, see eBay business policies.

Types that use FulfillmentPolicyRequest

Not used by any types

Calls that use FulfillmentPolicyRequest


array of CategoryType
The CategoryTypeEnum value to which this policy applies. Used to discern accounts that sell motor vehicles from those that don't. (Currently, each policy can be set to only one categoryTypes value at a time.)
An optional seller-defined description of the fulfillment policy for internal use (this value is not displayed to end users).

Max length: 250
If set to true, the seller offers freight shipping. Freight shipping can be used for large items over 150 lbs.

Default: false
If set to true, the seller has opted-in to the eBay Global Shipping Program and that they use that service for their international shipments. Setting this value automatically sets the international shipping service for the policy to International Priority Shipping and the buyer does not need to set any other shipping services for their INTERNATIONAL shipping options (unless they sell items not covered by the Global Shipping Program).

If this value is set to false, the seller is responsible for manually specifying the international shipping services, as described in Setting up worldwide shipping.

To opt-in to the Global Shipping Program, log in to eBay and navigate to My Account > Site Preferences > Shipping preferences.

Default: false

Specifies the maximum number of business days the seller commits to for preparing and shipping an order after receiving a cleared payment for the order. This time does not include the transit time it takes the shipping carrier to deliver the order.

Valid values can vary by site and by category. To obtain the supported values for a site, call GeteBayDetails in the Trading API with DetailName set to DispatchTimeMaxDetails, then inspect the DispatchTimeMaxDetails container in the response for the time values supported by the site (typical handling times are 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 10, 15, and 20, but these can vary by site and may change over time.)

This field is required when the seller uses a flat or calculated shipping service, and it does not apply when there is no shipping service specified (for example, if the policy specifies only localPickup or freightShipping). In these cases, this field is not used and you can set it to 0.

Note that Top-Rated sellers must offer same-day or one-day handling for a listing in order for that listing to receive a Top Rated Plus seal on the View Item or Search Results pages. To offer zero-day or one-day handling, set field to '0' or '1', respectively.

Min: 0 Max: 30
If set to true, no shipping is offered by this policy and the seller offers only local pickup of the item (normally from a non-business location). This option is most often used for customer-to-customer sales and if set, costType should be set to NOT_SPECIFIED.

Default: false
The ID of the eBay marketplace to which this fulfillment policy applies. If this value is not specified, value defaults to the seller's eBay registration site.
A user-defined name for this fulfillment policy. Names must be unique for policies assigned to the same marketplace.

Max length: 64
If set to true, the seller offers the "Click and Collect" feature. Click and Collect is supported by the Inventory API, and it can be used with Add/Revise/Relist calls.

To enable "Click and Collect", a seller (1) must be eligible for Click and Collect and (2) must set this boolean field to 'true'. Currently, Click and Collect is available to only large retail merchants selling in the eBay AU and UK marketplaces.

In addition to setting this field, the merchant must also do the following to enable the "Click and Collect" option on a listing:
  • Have inventory for the product at one or more physical stores tied to the merchant's account.
    Sellers can use the createInventoryLocaion method in the Inventory API to associate physical stores to their account and they can then can add inventory to specific store locations.
  • Set an immediate payment requirement on the item. The immediate payment feature requires the seller to:
    • Set the immediatePay flag in the payment policy to 'true'.
    • Have a valid store location with a complete street address.

Note: Payments that are not handled by eBay managed payments have the following additional requirements:
  • Include only one paymentMethods field in the payment policy and set its value to PAYPAL.
  • Include a valid PayPal payment address in the recipientAccountReference.referenceId field of the payment policy.

When a merchant successfully lists an item with Click and Collect, prospective buyers within a reasonable distance from one of the merchant's stores (that has stock available) will see the "Available for Click and Collect" option on the listing, along with information on the closest store that has the item.

Default: false
A list that defines the seller's shipping configurations for DOMESTIC and INTERNATIONAL order shipments.

shippingOptions is a list with a single element if the seller ships to only domestic locations. If the seller also ships internationally, the list contains a second element that defines their international shipping options.

Shipping options configure the high-level shipping settings that apply to orders, such as flat-rate or calculated shipping, any rate tables the seller wants to associate with the shipping services, plus other details (such as the shippingServices offered for domestic or international shipments).

This object contains the regionIncluded and regionExcluded fields, which define the geographical regions that a seller does and does not cover by the associated fulfillment policy.

shipToLocations appears at both the top-level of the fulfillment policy as well as within the shippingOptions.shippingServices container. Here at the top level, use the regionExcluded field to specify a list of regions that a seller does not ship to with this particular fulfillment policy.

Note that you don't populate the regionIncluded field at this level. Instead, specify the regions that are covered by this fulfillment policy in each of the shippingServices.shipToLocations.regionIncluded containers you configure.

Every eBay marketplace supports its own set of regions that you can use in the regionExcluded field. To determine the valid values for a marketplace, call GeteBayDetails with DetailName set to ShippingLocationDetails, then review the ShippingLocation fields in the response for the strings you use in regionExcluded.regionName fields.

Configuring shipToLocations can be tricky because the regionIncluded and regionExcluded fields are valid in different parts of the schema, and their allowable settings vary upon the context. For details on configuring these fields, see The shipToLocations container.