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Offer API

You use the Offer API to place bids for buyers and return the buyer's bidding details of auctions where they have placed bids.

The following describes how you can use the Offer and Browse APIs to find auctions, place bids, and retrieve bidding details on auctions.

  1. Find an auction
    Use the Browse API search method to find an auction item the buyer wants to bid on. For example, the following searches by keyword and returns iPhone auctions.
  2. Place a bid for the buyer
    Use the Offer API placeProxyBid method to place a bid of the maximum amount the buyer is willing to pay for the item.
    "maxAmount": {
    "currency": "USD",
    "value": "800.00
  3. Retrieve buyer's bidding details
    Use the Offer API getAuction method to retrieve the bidding details specific to the buyer.

    Determine if the buyer has won the auction

    You can check if the buyer has won the auction using the response from this call. If this value of auctionStatus is ENDED and the value of highBidder is true, this indicates the buyer has won the auction.


  4. Get general bidding details
    Use the Browse API getItem method to retrieve general bidding details about the auction, such as minimum bid price and the count of unique bidders.

Offer Flow Diagram