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Guaranteed Delivery and Global Shipping in the Fulfillment API

The Fulfillment API now supports eBay Guaranteed Delivery and the eBay Global Shipping Program, plus OpenAPI specs.

eBay's OpenAPI 3.0 Contracts Now Available

In August 2017, we officially became a part of the Open API Initiative (OAI). We continue on the path of progress by being one of the first in the industry to publish contracts based on OpenAPI 3.0 specification. They are available now for all our RESTful APIs under the Buy and Commerce umbrella while Sell APIs are coming soon.

Similar and Related Products in the Buy Marketing API

As we continue to invest in our eBay developer community and in making our API offerings richer, we are excited to announce the launch of two new methods in the Buy Marketing API suite:

  • getAlsoViewedByProduct
  • getAlsoBoughtByProduct

Withdraw Offers and Manage Variation Groups in the Inventory API

eBay's Inventory API now enables sellers to publish offers with variations, determine which offers are part of a variation group, and unpublish or withdraw product offers (to end listings).

New Design for eBay RESTful API Docs

Noticed something different about our Buy, Sell, and Commerce API documentation?

Yep, this summer we gave it a complete UI makeover. Our new design is tailored to reflect the model of our new RESTful APIs, and we hope you like what you see. 

eBay Connect 2017 Developer Conference in Greater China

On August 8, 2017, we gathered at the Grand Hyatt Shenzhen Hotel for eBay Connect Greater China 2017. Product leaders and experts from our eBay Greater China team and eBay San Jose headquarters shared the latest news about eBay’s new Buy and Sell APIs. API partners in the region also shared their first-hand experience on the new APIs during a panel discussion.