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As we at eBay continue to invest in our developer community and in making our API offerings richer, we are excited to announce the launch of two new methods in the Buy Marketing API suite: getAlsoViewedByProduct and getAlsoBoughtByProduct.

The Buy Marketing API allows you to create an eBay shopping experience in your app or on your website. The Marketing API, when used with other Buy APIs, enables your users to browse the eBay marketplace by product, and to discover more products. A richer set of products can motivate shoppers to purchase items, enhance their confidence in the value they're getting, and encourage up-selling and cross-selling.

With the latest release, you can now create awareness about different products/items by showing collections of products based on product demand factors, reviews, and context:

  • getAlsoViewedByProduct: Use this method to create a page that lets shoppers compare similar products. These are alternative products that other shoppers viewed when they viewed a specific product.
  • getAlsoBoughtByProduct: Use this method to create a page that shows complementary products. These are related products that other shoppers bought when they bought a specific product.

The /api-docs/buy/marketing/resources/methods">API Reference describes the details of the two new methods.

For examples of pages you can create using these methods, see Marketing API in the Buying Integration Guide.