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Published: December 19 2014, 12:37:00 AMUpdated: August 26 2022, 2:08:51 AM

I am getting timeout error while calling GetOrders API for some of my sellers.  What should I do to correct the issue?

One of the causes of GetOrders API timing out is due to the amount of data you are asking to be returned. To overcome the timeout issue, you will need to make multiple calls with shorter/smaller time interval, than making one call. This will help break up the data returned.

 General rules of thumb especially for power sellers:

·         Use GetOrders with ModTime parameters periodically to keep track of Orders' checkout/payment status  

·         Do not make a GetOrders call where the CreateTimeFrom/ModTimeFrom is more than 48 hours in the past.

o    Limit the amount of orders that are returned or orders created/modified within a date range. If you get a failed GetOrders for a time range, you then will need to modify that time range until you get a successful response. 


                       1 days (24 hours ) = failed

                       12 hours = success

o   Make the call every 15 minutes especially if you have high volume sellers to ensure that you do not have to paginate too much. 

o   make calls to GetOrders at a regular interval

o   ensure that you are using overlapping time windows in your Create/Mod time filters

·         the CreateTimeFrom/ModTimeFrom should be the last time you made the call minus 2 minutes. You are going back to 2 minutes to ensure that no orders are missed. 

·         the CreateTimeTo/ModTimeTo should be the current time minus 2 minutes. You are going back to ensure that you do not pick up any orders that are still in the process of being completed.


Make sure the client timeout is set properly to allow enough time for eBay to complete the operation and return the data. We recommend you to set the client timeout to be > 120 seconds.


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